“Emerald Ridge is a warm welcoming place.  They will treat your loved one with kindness and care.” – Shirley J.

“Hands down, the most caring staff ever witnessed, and I was the president of a health care/residential organization for 20 years!” – Scott V.

“It is a great assisted living community.  The van is a wonderful asset for your facility.” – Nancy L.

I feel safe and happy here in my "New home". After my husband passed away I hadn’t realized how much I was missing out in friendship until now, since I have found so many friends among all the friendly staff and residents at Emerald Ridge. Transportation to doctor visits is very handy and I appreciate that our Lutheran Church Devotions have been added to the calendar of events. Coming to live here at Emerald Ridge has been a win-win experience for me.”– Irma L.

“I would tell anyone looking for an assisted living community that I visits a number of places, read reviews for others and I felt this was the best fit for Pauline.  Every situation is different, but Emerald Ridge fit outs - I felt comfortable here!” – Lynne W.

“The care at Emerald Ridge is excellent as I see it.  Helen seems for the most part happy and content” – Lester H.

My dad is very happy; the staff is very caring!” – Chris C.

“Emerald Ridge is full of life and laughter at mealtimes.  That is a huge plus! I think this helps my mother stay connected a little more to the here and now in this environment.” – Tammy E.

“I like it here, I like it here, I like it here! I like everyone here; they take very good care of me. My favorite thing to do at Emerald Ridge is sleep. I also like to go on walks with staff. I cannot eat much due to stomach issues, but the food is always good when I can eat. I would not want to go anywhere else." – Gary R.

“I really love the food here at Emerald Ridge!” - Inga J.

“I love the exercise classes and crafts around here.” - Joan B.

“I like all the people! The care staff take excellent care of me.” - Dorothy B.


“I think there should be another Emerald Ridge. It is just so good here we need another one! The staff is good. I like everyone around here. Emerald Ridge is the best place I have ever been. I like it here a lot!” – Irma J.

“I think it’s pretty nice and clean. The staff try pretty hard here.  Residents are about normal, like to talk and get to know each other. I get my favorite breakfast every day. I am not having any trouble here and am very happy.” – Elaine A.

“Emerald Ridge is a very kind and good place. The people that work here are so caring and good they don’t know the word “no”. They put up with me and that is the truth. I am so happy here I don’t think I could be happier.” – Betty M.

“I think Emerald Ridge is great. Moving here was one of the wises decisions I ever made. I did look at a few other homes and liked this one the best and have not been disappointed. The staff and administration are friendly and compassionate. The food is great, and my apartment is just what I need. I have been here for two years now and could not be happier with my decision.” – George C.

“I only have one word for Emerald Ridge… EXCELLENT!!!” – Jim

“I love it here!  The good staff and excellent residents bring much happiness in my life.” – Bill D.

“ I am glad to be here and I am enjoying every day
– Bob E.

Emerald Ridge was the perfect place to come after my wife passed away. I felt welcome and the staff was excellent with the transition for me !! – Jim V.

Emerald Ridge is a wonderful place! It is very clean and everybody is very nice.” - Cheryl L.

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