May 2022 Newsletter –
Emerald Bay Assisted Living

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Resident Spotlight!

Elaine was born in Green Bay and has lived in the area her entire life. After high school she started working at a glove factory and then at Green Bay Packaging. When she turned 21, she married Jim, and they started their family of four. When the kids were older, she stated working at the bowling alley on Velp, and stayed there for 17 years. …read more!


Meet Our New Resident!

Janice was born and raised in Green Bay. After graduating she worked as a bookkeeper for Metropolitan Life Insurance, Standard Oil, and then Heyrman Printing. This is where she met her husband Bob, who co-owned the business with his brother. …read more!



Jan was born and raised in Green Bay. After graduating she worked for a Mobil Oil Company as a stenographer right out of high school. She had then married her spouse Donald. Jan and Donald had then started an Arby’s franchise and went on to own 7 locations all in the Green Bay area! …read more!



Dory was born in Stratford, WI. When she was a baby her family moved to Nekoosa, WI, which is near Wisconsin Dells. When she graduated she began working in the payroll department at the local paper mill. She then married and started her family of five. Later in life she married Richard, who also worked at the mill! …read more!



Employee Spotlight!

Jordyn is one of our resident assistants here at Emerald Bay. She was born and raised in Green Bay and she loves taking care of people. It has always been one of her greatest passions. Jordyn originally was a teacher in a daycare and switched to caregiving. She made this switch as she enjoys taking care of people and hearing there stories. …read more!



May Schedule of events

May 4th– Walmart Outing

May 5th– Mother’s Day Tea Party

May 6th– Cinco De Mayo Party

May 8th– Mother’s Day Social

May 10th– Fun with Science

May 11th– Casino Outing

May 13th– Music with Goldeen

May 18th– Planting Flowers Day, Lunch Outing & Genesis Activity

May 19th– Music with David

May 23rd– Violin performance with Kimberly

May 25th– Music with John & Cass

May 31st– Organ Recital with Margaret & Men’s Club

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