“When I left my Illinois house of forty years, I felt no need to shed any tears. Tennyson Senior Living rooms are bright and sunny, although they do cost me more money. But it is all worthwhile, as they also include good food, and while helping to put on my elastic hose, the staff usually smile. There are many friendly residents with whom to socialize and play games. The loneliness and blues are always tamed.” – Stephanie W.

“When I moved to Tennyson, I felt like I never really left home. My home is only ½ mile away from this location. My church, neighborhood and stores are very close. My apartment here is just the right size and easy to take care of. I enjoy sitting in the bright and cheery dining room to eat and visit with friends. The staff here are polite and friendly and provide plenty of things to do. I feel a sense of belonging here in my Tennyson home.” – Jo C.



“My sincere thanks to all the staff who have worded so hard keeping our family members safe and loved! – Lori G. -Daughter

“Dawn is wonderful with the residents and receptive to their requests, and kind– Linda N. – Daughter

“I have been living with Tennyson for a year and a half.  Quarantine has been hard, but I really enjoy living here.  My favorite part of living in an assisted living facility is being part of a community who consistently motivates me.”  - Jean W.

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